The issue is journalism, not newspapers

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It was hard concentrating on writing my Sunday column today at The Register-Guard. That’s because workers were dismantling cubicles and desks to rearrange the second floor. The newspaper is leasing out a good portion of its downstairs space; to do … Continued

The complete Walden story

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Last month, I made mention of a discovery I made in Massachusetts last month. Here is the fuller story, published in today’s Register-Guard: The Fourth of July is almost here, meaning it’s time to tell the complete story. About that … Continued

Contrasting Boston to back home

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When I travel, I love to contrast the differences between where I live and where I’m visiting. Last week’s trip to Boston to give three speeches to nursing organizations on my book “American Nightingale” was full of such fascinating differences: … Continued

My first post from 34,999 feet

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When my two sons were small, I remember watching a trailer for a new Superman movie. “You’ll believe a man can fly!” the narrator said. Well, duh. What else would you expect? By the 1980s, technology — and, along with … Continued