Earning my Wonderful Life wings

Pacific Continental Bank in my home town of Eugene has an interesting requirement for all new employees going through their orientation: they must watch It’s a Wonderful Life from start to finish. “The message in that film is the message … Continued

New book came easier than ‘Nightingale’

Some books come hard. American Nightingale had a longer gestation period than a camel. Information only came grudgingly. In my third day of trying to get Frances Slanger’s 1930s school records, I got transferred to a janitor in the Boston … Continued

On National Columnists Day, a tip of the hat to Ernie Pyle

Today, April 18, is National Columnists Day. Like I needed to remind you! I can just imagine the wild celebrations going on from the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream Waters. In realty, columnists are generally revered with the same … Continued

Beachside Writers

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We still have three spots available for the Feb. 19-21, 2010 Beachside Writers Workshop in Yachats. It’s designed for beginning and intermediate writers. What: An all-new, three-day Beachside Writers Workshop with founder Bob Welch and his guest, novelist Jane Kirkpatrick. … Continued