What they’re saying about Cascade Summer

Click here to read a review from Eugene Magazine, Winter 2012-13

“As someone who is interested in hiking the PCT, this book was a Godsend. Most books of this genre tend to be either informative by adventurists who can’t write or writers who are entertaining but are lacking on the information side. This book manages to be both. It is very informative while also being highly entertaining and well-written. The author weaves humor throughout the book which I greatly enjoyed and gives details about equipment, food, drink, and trail that are invaluable for someone wishing to try the PCT in the future.

“The other aspect of the book which added to my reading pleasure was the paralleling references to Judge Waldo back in the 1800s who was a conservationalist back in the day and a protector of the Oregon Cascades. I admire the kind of research and effort it takes to accomplish this kind of writing. It elevates the book to a level seen all too rarely.

“I loved the book so much that I finished it less than 48 hours after pulling it out of my mailbox.”

Stephen (DesertDuck) McCarthy, Arizona