Leaving winter behind

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Sorry for lack of blog posts but once we left Three Fingered Jack cell coverage pestered out. Update: we are now just north of Olallie Lake, where we spent the night after hiking 24 miles around and beyond Mt. Jefferson. Unfortunately,’winter arrived early and clouds precluded a full view of it. Temp was 38 and wind howling just north of Jeff Park at 6,000-plus feet. Ice pellets falling from trees. Weird, considering two days ago we were baking.

We have averaged 22.5 miles in the last four days and are 13 miles ahead of sked. My blisters are improving.

I was thinking Tuesday how I’ve updates you on our
progress and location but little about the daily PCT routine — beyond, of course, the right-left stuff.

My watch alarm goes off at 4:50 a.m. The next 45 minutes are the worst of the day: taping feet, replacing warm long johns with cold, damp hiking garb, taking down my tent and loading the pack — in pitch dark and while eating two Costo Danishes for breakfast. Then we hike for 12 hours, much easier. We generally stop only three times, morning break, lunch and Afternoon break.

So far, our full days have been 24, 22 and 20 miles. We Avg about 2 mph. We’re slow compared to most others, except for Turtle Don, but, then, he’s 77.

People ask: Do you read? Fly fish? No, we just try to eat, organize for the next day, then go to bed. Last night that was 8:30 pm. Doesnt sound like much fun but it is, especially the views on the trail and meeting other PCT hikers. Tonight, for example, we built the rare fire — we’re fogged in — and a couple from Israel, Bugs and Bunny, joined us because they have nowhere to camp and it’s late. (Just about everyone has a trail name but us. We’re just Glenn and Bob.)

All in all it’s a pretty basic existence. Same task. Same clothes. Same hiking buddy. But, says Glenn: “I brush every other day whether I need to or not.”





  1. Costco danish for breakfast!!!! Message from your poor body: Gimme something decent for fuel!

    Glad you made it past the fire. We were a little worried about that.

    Congrats to Glen on the new grandson!

  2. You’re doing great, Bob. Been thinking about a trail name, and the best I can come up with The Dane (as in Costco Danish). As for Dr. Dull, I’m thinking “Munsingwear,” but I’m not sure if he’ll go for it. Anyway, that would make an interesting coupling — The Dane and Munsingwear hiking the PCT.

    Keep on truckin’, old friend.

    Night Train

  3. I am still enjoying your posts, Bob! I think you should work on the trail names, too. I get a kick out of the variety of them – based on foods, habits, clothes, incidents….
    Looks like you have clear weather ahead, if a bit cool. Happy hiking!

  4. It was 39 degrees at KGAL 1580 AM between Albany and Lebanon this morning–but sunny. So, it was cold down here, too. Ran the furnace for a bit to knock the chill off in the house this morning. Should be up to 90-95 here in the Valley next Wednesday, so summer hasn’t quite left us yet, thankfully! So sorry that Jefferson Park wasn’t the greatest; it’s a slice of Paradise on a nice day. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your hike! And take good care of my doctor!

  5. I’m vicariously enjoying your adventure from the warmth and comfort of my dining room this chilly morning – keep it up and good luck!

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