Keyboard Kitten

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Keyboard Kitten

Keyboard Kitten: An Oregon Children’s Story, has been described as an “Oregonized” version of Dr. Seuss. It blends the story of a kitten, an unsuccessful children’s author, and the wonderful state of Oregon, from Tillamook Cheese to Mt. Hood, from Beavers to Ducks, from Yachats to Vale, from the Fosbury flop high jump style to Fern Ridge Lake, from tie-dyed hippies to granola, from Cascade Thunder to the Coast Starlight Train, from Dari Mart to duck sweat pants, from liquid sunshine to the Oregon Book Awards. If it’s Oregon, it probably is part of this delightful story that brings an unlikely duo together, ending with a simple lesson: we need each other.

It’s by author Bob Welch, whose previous books include American Nightingale, Resolve, 52 Little Lessons from It’s a Wonderful Life and Easy Company Soldier. The illustrator is Tom Penix, who met Welch when he came to The Register-Guard. Previously he worked for the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The book will be released Sept. 5 in a party at the Oakway Center’s Dickie Jo’s Frozen Treats.

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