‘Generations’: Music inspired by a book I wrote

Posted on February 22, 2012 in Blog, Speaking | 5 comments

A Eugene man, Dale Bradley, recently wrote me to say a piece of music he wrote was inspired by a book of mine he’d found at a garage sale. I was honored. Humbled. Stoked. No, not because someone had found my book at a garage sale — they’re my No. 1 outlet! — but that someone had written a song after reading A Father for All Seasons.

The out-of-print book was written in 1998 after my father had died at 72 and my older son, Ryan, was heading off to college. In a sense, I was losing a father and a son in the same season of life. Father rests on the premise that fathers and sons go through five seasons of life, much of it a process of letting go.

At any rate, what’s important here aren’t my words but Dale Bradley’s music. When I first heard it, I can’t even explain how moved I was. It reminded me vaguely of my favorite movie score, Mark Isham’s A River Runs Through It. Every bit as good.

So, I just wanted to post it here so others could enjoy it as I have. Thank you, Dale. As an author, it’s nothing I ever thought I’d receive as a gift for my words. (Usually, it’s just a small royalty check.) But I treasure it deeply.

Here is a video of his trio playing it:



  1. What a beautiful piece of music and what a tribute to your story and your writing. It must be most gratifing to know that your words can inspire someone to create this beauriful music. Thank you for sharing.

    Kathleen Overton

  2. Beautiful piece. Heard it through the library’s computer, but still had tears in my eyes, Pineing for the pines. Maybe someone has a video that this piece could enhance, of the area this piece is dedicated to.

  3. Very gratifying, indeed. And, yes, hope to find a way to merge this music with some Oregon-related video.

  4. The ripples of Generations continues! This is the first post of Bob’s Blog I have received. To my amazement I read the story of Generations and “A Father” and listened to the beauty of the haunting melody. On April 6, 1984 I officiated at the marriage of Dale Bradley and Leslie Kearns in the First Christian Church of Kent, WA! As their pastor I welcomed the generation of their children and followed them for a time after they moved to Eugene. Time has created a distance between us – but “A Father” and Generations created a wonderful renewed connection. Thanks Bob for your story and thanks Dale for your music. – Rev. Marvin Eckfeldt (retired) – marveck@comcast.net

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