Leaving winter behind

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Sorry for lack of blog posts but once we left Three Fingered Jack cell coverage pestered out. Update: we are now just north of Olallie Lake, where we spent the night after hiking 24 miles around and beyond Mt. Jefferson. … Continued

Above the fog

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A few more pics from south and west flanks of Three Fingered Jack. Awesome morning up here. Looks cloudy in the valley.

Feels like fall

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Woke up to 40 degrees, fog and cool wind. But can’t beat the views from the side of Three Fingered Jack. Will probably lose cell coverage now that we’re distancing ourselves from the tower on HooDoo. I’ll be back!

Beauty and the beast

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Most beautiful stretch of Pacific Crest Trail I’ve experienced: Elk Lake to top of McKenzie Pass. Hardest no-snow stretch? The few miles of lava just south and north of Highway 242. Scariest thing? Crossing Highway 20 a few minutes ago. … Continued

Monday on PCT

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Monday, 2 pm. @ Big Lake Youth Camp. Have done 42 miles in two days and an evening, and will try for 6 more tonight. Spotty cell coverage thus far but am using the Spot Connect satellite with solar-powered iPhone … Continued

Fire concerning

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On a bluff about five miles south of Dee Wright Observatory we see a fire that looks to be on Santiam Pass, our destination tomorrow. Disconcerting. Look like Big Lake area or east of that.

Spotty cell coverage

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Don’t expect much cell coverage next 2 days. Still have Spot Connect (see photo) so we can update position us add 41-character messages. Temp 85 at start. Thunderclouds above. Mosquitoes 2 on a scale of 10. Headed for Sisters Mirror … Continued