Going out on a literary limb

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When She Who Endures Me is away at the coast or on a quilt retreat, it’s the go-to movie I watch alone: A River Runs Through It, Robert Redford’s masterpiece of the equally masterful book by Norman Maclean about fathers and sons … Continued

Feeding the literary lake

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One of my most meaningful evenings as a writer had nothing to do with me and everything to with my friend, workshop partner and fellow writer Jane Kirkpatick. It was 2005 and Willamette Writers, our state’s largest literary organization, presented … Continued

Neil Young’s new book

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Remember that close-to-the-end scene in White Christmas when General Waverly is being feted at his heretofore empty ski lodge by guys reuniting from his old World War II outfit? “You’re a disgrace to the outfit,” he growls. “You’re soft! You’re … Continued

Of Turkey Bowls

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In the black-and-white photo, I’m standing on our back patio as a 10-year-old, a wet, baggy sweatshirt hanging on me like rain-forest moss. The sweatshirt’s arms are so long — half-way between my waist and knees — that I look … Continued

Wanna help sell books?

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Occasionally someone will say: “How can I help sell your books?” I used to feel self-conscious asking people to do so, but then a woman told me, “No, I really want to help. I just don’t where to begin.” OK, … Continued

The R-G’s take on me

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By Mark Baker The Register-Guard (Reprinted with permission) It’s a wonderful life. And a busy one, too — if you’re Bob Welch. And if you are a regular reader of The Register-Guard, then you’re probably familiar with this newspaper’s nationally … Continued

“Cascade Summer” is store’s staff pick

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Thrilled that one of my favorite book stores in the world, Paulina Springs in Sisters, has endorsed my new book about hiking Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail. Here’s what Bunny Thompson wrote about the book: Cascade Summer My Adventure on Oregon’s … Continued

Trying to write it right

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On August 10 at 7:35 a.m. I hit the “download” button of a program called “MyBook” and 77 files for my due-out-in-October book, Cascade Summer: My Adventure on Oregon’s Pacific Crest Trail, took flight to a printer in North Dakota. … Continued