Remembering the other Pearl Harbor victims

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Shortly before the 50-year anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, I interviewed 88-year-old Bill Kunkle, who had driven the future president around Portland while JFK campaigned in 1960. When I asked what they’d talked about, he mentioned Kennedy’s … Continued

Time for my ‘Second Life’

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A colleague once told me that column writing is a little like running in front of a combine in a farmer’s field: exhilarating, exhausting and lots of fun — until you trip just once.After 14 years as a columnist, 24 … Continued

Keyboard Kitten

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Keyboard Kitten: An Oregon Children’s Story, has been described as an “Oregonized” version of Dr. Seuss. It blends the story of a kitten, an unsuccessful children’s author, and the wonderful state of Oregon, from Tillamook Cheese to Mt. Hood, from … Continued