The ‘coast road’ is for ‘The Birds’

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BODEGA BAY, Calif. — The schoolteacher in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds” is talking with the newcomer in town. “Did you drive up from San Francisco by the coast road?” asks Annie Hayworth, played by future-Bob-Newhart-TV-wife Suzanne Pleshette. “Yes,” says … Continued

Editing: Pay Now or Pay Later

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It happens every time. OK, nearly every time. I unwrap the book-size package and am soon holding the dream-come-true from one of our Beachside Writers workshop students: the memoir that they’ve worked on for years, finally out. I’m so proud … Continued

Ten ways I’ll survive Ducks’ loss

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It’s easy to play the “what-if” game when we feel we’ve been the victims. But it’s just as easy to overlook the times the “what-if” game gave us an opportunity we might not have had: to be on the nation’s largest stage as one of the last two teams out of 128 still standing.

Two Words of Advice: Stop it!

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We were going around the room, introducing ourselves at a recent writers workshop I was leading, when one of the attendees got negative about herself. I listened to this woman — a two-time winner of our Metaphors Be With You … Continued