Contrasting Boston to back home

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When I travel, I love to contrast the differences between where I live and where I’m visiting. Last week’s trip to Boston to give three speeches to nursing organizations on my book “American Nightingale” was full of such fascinating differences: … Continued

My first post from 34,999 feet

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When my two sons were small, I remember watching a trailer for a new Superman movie. “You’ll believe a man can fly!” the narrator said. Well, duh. What else would you expect? By the 1980s, technology — and, along with … Continued

Welcoming back the troops

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Until Friday, I’d never watched a soldiers’ homecoming before. I highly recommend it. When you see hundreds of soldiers and thousands of family members reuniting, it personalizes the reality of war. It humbles you. It warms you to see the … Continued

On National Columnists Day, a tip of the hat to Ernie Pyle

Today, April 18, is National Columnists Day. Like I needed to remind you! I can just imagine the wild celebrations going on from the Redwood Forests to the Gulf Stream Waters. In realty, columnists are generally revered with the same … Continued

Hearts turned to Haiti

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Haiti has been a part of my life now for more than two decades, in part because my sister- and brother-in-law, Ann and Glenn Petersen, have been a driving forces behind the Haiti Foundation of Hope and because my wife … Continued

Beachside Writers

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We still have three spots available for the Feb. 19-21, 2010 Beachside Writers Workshop in Yachats. It’s designed for beginning and intermediate writers. What: An all-new, three-day Beachside Writers Workshop with founder Bob Welch and his guest, novelist Jane Kirkpatrick. … Continued