From the Jungles of WWII Bataan, the Epic Story of a Soldier, a Flag, and a Promise Kept

On April 9, 1942, thousands of U.S. soldiers surrendered as the Philippine island of Luzon fell to the Japanese. A few hundred Americans placed their faith in their own hands and headed for the jungle. Among them was Clay Conner Jr., a 23-year-old Army Air Force communications officer — a Duke cheerleader — who had never even camped out before.

Resolve is the story of how Conner eludes World War II’s Bataan Death March and galvanizes groups of disparate people—among them a tribe of arrow-shooting pygmy Negritos—to survive the relentless pursuit of Japanese and communist soldiers. As months—and then years—pass, Conner’s mother, Marguerite, refuses to believe her son is dead. Will he prove her right?

“Clay was an absolutely remarkable individual,” said Wayne Sanford of Indianapolis, chairman of the military history section of the Indiana Historical Society in the 1980s. “Intensely courageous. Intelligent. Emotional. Sensitive. He reminded me of a modern day Robin Hood.”

Conner’s story, unique among WWII profiles, is far more than “another war tale.” It is about perseverance, will, friendship, and faith.


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Utterly fantastic. The story of Clay Connor Jr. provides important insight into one of the least-recounted parts of WWII in this brave, daring, and controversial book. Bob Welch is as fine a nonfiction writer as America has ever produced, and this book shows how at the top of his game he truly is.

Marcus Brotherton author of Shifty's War
I am a complete sucker for inspirational stories, and Resolve is one of the best. Bob Welch’s meticulous reporting describes a soldier who was trapped in the jungle for most of World War II and yet had the brains, courage and — well, let’s admit it — luck to not only survive but also mount his own guerrilla force — with the U.S. flag flying. If anyone was an emblem of American ingenuity, it was Clay Conner Jr.
Ellen Heltzel
Resolve is an intriguing blend of Unbroken and Robinson Crusoe. Welch’s excellent writing shows the incredible strength of not only Clay Conner but also the Filipinos and Negritos who helped him and his men survive. This is more than a book about war, but a book about friendships growing and thriving in the most difficult of circumstances.
Mike Yorkey author of Linspired: The Remarkable Rise of Jeremy Lin

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