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Award-winning authors Bob Welch (nonfiction) and Jane Kirkpatrick (fiction) join print-on-demand specialist Roger Hite
for Beachside Writers Workshop’s flagship event of the year.

The three-day workshop will inspire, inform and affirm you as a writer, whether you’re just beginning or a seasoned vet.

At Beachside, we aren’t about competition or putting people on the spot. We’re about making you comfortable with the idea
of being a writer and uncomfortable about staying where you are.

You’ll learn from our teachers. You’ll learn from each other in small-group settings. And you’ll learn from challenging yourself; for example, we offer
a voluntary Saturday night read-aloud session that has become one of the highlights of the weekend.

You’ll eat well (chef Ann Schar will prepare a Saturday breakfast and lunch and a Sunday brunch). You’ll make connections with
writers of similar passions. And you’ll leave invigorated to no take your writing to new levels.

In the past 10 years, Beachside Writers has drawn more than 1,000 students for 27 events .

We hope you’ll take the leap and join us.

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