Beachside/Memoir II: Sept. 27

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Beachside/McKenzie Writers Workshop 2014 trailerToo often writers go to a workshop, gather new information and get inspired — but are stymied as to where to go from there. It is difficult writing a memoir on your own. So Beachside Memoir II is our attempt to partner with writers to help them through the next step of the memoir journey in hopes that those writers might have a printed book ready sometime in 2015.

IMG_3014 Description: Beachside Memoir II is essentially a 19-month extension of the original May 17 Beachside/Memoir workshop. It includes a Sept. 27 workshop at the Eugene Garden Club, a critique of your work by Bob Welch and personal help from our print-on-demand expert, Roger Hite, through 2015, to help you get your memoir printed. (Note: the Sept. 27 event is also  open to those who did NOT attend the May 17 event; the only prerequisite is having a memoir in progress, parts of which you’re willing to share with others as a means of writers learning from each other.)

Memoir II is designed to:

— Encourage writers to begin, or continue, their memoir projects.

— Give those writers feedback on their initial efforts.

— Offer deeper information on how to write the memoir (Bob Welch) and how to print the memoir (Roger Hite).

— Allow writers to see what other Beachside writers are doing with their memoir projects.

— Allow writers to “test-read” segments of their manuscripts with their peers.

Beachside/Memoir II will help writers in four ways.

Each writer will get:

— A brief written assessment by Bob Welch of the first 2,000 words of his or her memoir.

— Phone and e-mail technical help by Roger Hite involving the printing of your memoir. (This commitment last through 2015.)

—  A copy of an anthology that’s a collection of the 2,000-word memoir samples done by all writers who meet the Aug. 15 deadline. (See photo of the 2013 edition above.)

— Registration in the September event itself, a one-day workshop.

Workshop Information

When: Saturday, Sept. 27, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: The Eugene Garden Club, 1645 High St.

Overview: The goal of the single day is to bring together writers who have already begun writing a memoir and/or those who want to get serious about such a writing adventure. Whereas the May 17 event largely involved information provided by Bob Welch on writing and Roger Hite on printing, the Sept. 27 event will be decidedly discussion-oriented, giving writers a chance to:

— share what’s working for them;

— share obstacles they’re facing;

— ask questions specific to their needs;

— read aloud if they so choose.

In essence, it’s a chance for writers to gather with fellow writers and compare notes on specific challenges they’re facing in their memoir journeys, with Bob and Roger serving more as guides than “information dispensers,” although each will share tips along way. In particular, Bob will go more deeply into the how-to of actually writing the memoir and Roger more deeply into the how-to of having the book printed.

In order to generate follow-up by writers to complete their memoir project, Beachside/Memoir II is designed to provide further incentives for writers to move their work-in-progress toward completion.

The goal is the production of a print-on-demand high quality book that can be made available to family and friends and others via distribution. Last year, all 28 people who attended Beachside/Memoir II committed to work with Roger in 2014 to actually have their memoir printed. At, of course, no extra cost than the price of the workshop itself. “It’s just something I love to do,” says Hite. “Helping people print their stories.”

Eligibility Requirements: Submission of the first 2,000 words of a memoir that meets the criteria outlined below. Need not have attended the May workshop.

Registration fee: $199.

What price includes: 

A written critique by Welch of each participant’s first 2,000 words. (Must be e-mailed to Welch at or snail-mailed to him at P.O. Box 70785, Springfield, OR 97475 before Aug. 15. Critiques will all be returned by Aug. 21 on a first-come, first-critiqued-and-returned basis. (Note, Welch will be hiking the John Muir Trail July 25-Aug. 14 so no editing will be done during that time.)

— A complete day of follow-up activities, Sept. 27, in which participants share samples of their work-in-progress, present and discuss problems and issues they are having and hear more how-to from Roger and Bob.

— A catered lunch.

— A copy of the Beachside Memoir Book Project that will include work from you and your fellow participants.

— Follow-up individual assistance i 2015 by Roger Hite for individuals to set up a CreateSpace POD account and in formatting and producing the final product of a memoir — either by phone, e-mail, and or direct one-to-one contact.

Memoir chapter submission criteria for the book

Concept: We intend to produce a Print On Demand (POD) book that can be read by participants before  — and used at — the September 27 workshop. Each participant’s memoir chapter submission must meet the following criteria:

— Submitted via e-mail to, a Times New Roman 12-point-font Word document that is not more than 2,000 words in length.

— Following the critique by Welch, documents must be proofed, rewritten, polished and sent to Hite between Aug. 21 and Aug. 31 to be included in the POD project. It is our hope to have books mailed to participants in early September so they can be familiar with what others have done prior to the Sept. 27 event.

Questions: Bob Welch at or Roger Hite at Register Now