Take the leap: Fall Beachside/McKenzie 2015

Welch's grandson Keaton leaps an Oregon Coast sunset.

Welch’s grandson Keaton leaps an Oregon Coast sunset.

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Would-be writers, here’s a chance to finally take the plunge into being ones. Writers, here’s a chance to get better.

It’s Bob Welch’s annual basic writing workshop. The details:

What: A one-day Beachside Writers Workshop in the McKenzie Valley led by founder/director Bob Welch. It’ll be a relaxing and inspiring day in which Welch will break down 10 keys that he uses — whether writing 675-word columns or 75,000-word books — to engage readers in his stories.

Who: A maximum of 23 beginning and intermediate writers who want to write in ways that leave their readers moved in some sort of way. Your writing level is far less important than your desire to want to write better. Beachside is about encouragement, about who you could be as a writer, not who you’re not. Note: We’ve never NOT had a full room so early registration is encouraged.

When: Saturday, Oct. 31, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Where: Vida McKenzie Community Hall, on Thomson Road, just east of Vida. The location is just over 22 miles from the I-105/Main Street intersection east of Springfield. Go 2.5 miles east of Vida. Turn right on Thomson Road. (Signs will say Helfrich Boat Landing.) Just after the sharp left curve, look for small gravel road veering off, and up, to your left. Take it. You’re there!

Why: To help you write better, believe in yourself and realize that in small, but significant, ways, your words can change the world.

Cost: $149. (Includes workshop, lunch by She Who Cooks, snacks, notebook and Beachside Writers water bottle.)

More info: E-mail info@bobwelch (dot) net or phone 541-517-3936. Web: www.bobwelch.net.


Seven things you can expect

1. INSPIRATION. Some writers workshops are about ego and pride. Not Beachside. We’re about you becoming a better writer. About believing in yourself. About you, period — whether you’re hoping to write a novel or just want to write a way-cool memoir or great letter to the editor. All in a relaxing, supportive atmosphere.

2. WELCH. This isn’t like one of those sports camps where they promise you Chip Kelly and you get, instead, some graduate assistant. Bob will lead all sessions and be on hand to answer your questions in our between-sessions time.

3. EARS TO LISTEN. It’s hard making a comment or getting an answer to a question when you’re one of 200 people in some hotel ballroom. At Beachside, with a 23-person limit, Bob welcome comments, questions — anything but airborne fruit.

4. LAUGHTER. At Beachside, we believe at least two things about writing: That it is more difficult than, say, getting the Eugene City Council to agree on anything. And that, nevertheless, it should be fun. If you don’t have a sense of humor, come anyway. Maybe we’ll convert you.

5. STORIES. Bob has written 18 books, thousands of essays and dozens of magazine articles. You’ll learn from his experiences. And from others’ experiences, as you’ll have the chance to discuss writing topics with other writers like yourself.


7. INSPIRATION. In the nearly 10 years we’ve conducted writing workshops, we’ve learned that many untested writers have been scarred by bad experiences with teachers or editors. Our job is not to criticize you, but to affirm you as a writer. At the end of the day, if we accomplish nothing else than that, we will have succeeded.

8. A NICE AUTUMN ESCAPE TO THE McKENZIE RIVER. And, coincidentally, the Ducks don’t have a game on this day!

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