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Since Beachside Writers Workshops began in 2005, nearly one thousand people have been part of one of our events. Nineteen workshops have been held. And, at our Yachats event, nearly one thousand marshmallows have been roasted — or burned — at the traditional “s’mores fest” following the Friday night opening session.

People who attend our workshops enjoy learning in a relaxed, lighthearted, non-threatening atmosphere. Though we encourage it, students aren’t forced to read their work aloud — or to sing their high school fight songs.

Beachside Writers Workshops are designed for people who simply want to write better. They are for all sorts of beginning and intermediate writers, from those who aspire to have a book published to those who simply want to write an engaging family memoir. Our goal isn’t to crank out published authors (though we have had plenty). Our goal is to affirm you as a writer, inspire you to be better and feed you so much great food that you’ll want to come back for seconds — and many have. About a third of our students have returned for one or more workshops. A handful have attended six or more.