Remembering the other Pearl Harbor victims

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Shortly before the 50-year anniversary of the death of John F. Kennedy, I interviewed 88-year-old Bill Kunkle, who had driven the future president around Portland while JFK campaigned in 1960. When I asked what they’d talked about, he mentioned Kennedy’s … Continued

Time for my ‘Second Life’

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A colleague once told me that column writing is a little like running in front of a combine in a farmer’s field: exhilarating, exhausting and lots of fun — until you trip just once.After 14 years as a columnist, 24 … Continued

Keyboard Kitten

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Keyboard Kitten: An Oregon Children’s Story, has been described as an “Oregonized” version of Dr. Seuss. It blends the story of a kitten, an unsuccessful children’s author, and the wonderful state of Oregon, from Tillamook Cheese to Mt. Hood, from … Continued

Going out on a literary limb

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When She Who Endures Me is away at the coast or on a quilt retreat, it’s the go-to movie I watch alone: A River Runs Through It, Robert Redford’s masterpiece of the equally masterful book by Norman Maclean about fathers and sons … Continued

Feeding the literary lake

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One of my most meaningful evenings as a writer had nothing to do with me and everything to with my friend, workshop partner and fellow writer Jane Kirkpatick. It was 2005 and Willamette Writers, our state’s largest literary organization, presented … Continued